Goro "Seijya" Mutsumi

Goro Mutsumi

Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo
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Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo Specials
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Tenshi no Shippo Chu!
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Doku Tenshi no Shippo
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Tenshi no Shippo Chu!: Tenshi no Utagoe
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Goro Mutsumi (睦 悟郎)

Goro had truly awful luck until he met a mysterious fortune-teller (The goddess Setsuna in disguise) who said to him, "Luck will come to you." His luck did came when a dozen of cute guardian angels stepped in his life. Goro's twelve guardian angels are all girls and each of them is a reincarnation of his deceased pets. They all returned to repay the love and care that their beloved "Master" gave to them when they were still animals. It was later revealed in the anime "Otogi Story Tenshi no Shippo" that Goro is the reincarnation of "Seijya," the sage who was not human nor animal, but two supreme beings that were tied together. In the past, he stole the divine powers of the Four Saint Beasts: the Fang of the Blue Dragon (sword), the Wings of the Red Phoenix (wings), the Shell of the Black Turtle (shield) and the Armour of the White Tiger (skin). Seijya then sealed the Saint Beasts away for centuries in order to prevent the impending destruction of the humans and, in his next life, to create a new world where humans and animals can live as equals with the help of the Four Saint Beasts. In the anime "Tenshi no Shippo Chu!," Goro became a veterinarian.

Voice Actors
Suganuma, Hisayoshi
Sroka, Ted
Shin, Yong Wu

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