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Rikku (リュック)
Final Fantasy X and X-2:

Rikku is a 15 year-old Al Bhed who helps Tidus when he first arrives in Spira, but then disappears from the story for a while, becoming the last character to join Yuna's entourage of guardians. She is bilingual, able to speak both English and Al Bhed fluently. Rikku's character class is most similar to that of the Thief from earlier Final Fantasy titles, combined with the Chemist class. Rikku uses a variety of claw-like weapons in battle, and she can steal a large variety of items from fiends and bosses alike, many of which can only be acquired through theft. She also is able to dismantle Machina with her theft command. The ability to customize becomes unlocked only after Rikku permanently joins the party. Her attitude is somewhat childish, but is also quite cheerful and positive. Rikku is also highly intelligent, being bilingual and skilled in chemistry.

After the Calm, Rikku visited Yuna at Besaid often before the events of X-2. Rikku returns in Final Fantasy X-2 as a main protagonist, now seventeen years old and prominently featured as a Thief. She was also the one who convinced Yuna to leave Besaid on a journey after showing her a mysterious sphere featuring a familiar person.

Kingdom Hearts II:

Rikku also appears in Kingdom Hearts II as a miniature fairy version of herself wearing modified versions of her Final Fantasy X-2 attire. Much like her Final Fantasy X-2 self, Rikku is a bit ditzy and good-natured as well as a treasure fanatic like her teammates.

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