Piano-chan "Hitsuji-san"


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Onegai My Melody: Kurukuru Shuffle!
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Onegai My Melody: Yuu & Ai
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Piano-chan (ピアノちゃん)

A Sanrio character who was oirignally created in 1970's, she appears with other My Melody-related characters in the 2005 anime Onegai My Melody and its sequels.

Her appearance is that of a sheep with pink wool. Behind only to Flat, she is My Melody's second closest animal friend. Unlike My Melo's other animal friends, she doesn't speak in human words, but by bleating isntead. Despite this, she is still considered a gifted poet, a trait she shares with her human friend Miki. She can also play the keyboards skillfully.

She was originally called Hitsuji-san (Lamb-san), but was given the name Piano-chan in 2005 through a vote in the Japan-only Sanrio magazine Strawberry News.

Voice Actors
Takeuchi, Junko