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Akuji Yamamoto (山本 悪司 )

The villainous protagonist of Daiakuji, he is the heir to the Wakame-Gumi, the largest gang in the city of Osaka. After giving into some bad influences, he began to show less interest, and eventually gave up on a promising lifestyle involved with education, and only showed true devotion for his unrequited love who at the time, only saw him as a dear friend, Haku Minka.

To relieve himself of his boredom and figuring that he's already committed enough crimes a juvenile delinquent can do as it is, Akuji began raping many random women who he had no interest in romantically, which began the foundation for his high sex drive he's known to having throughout the course of the game and anime. Figuring his life was going nowhere due to giving up on education, he enlists into the military to make Minka happy.

Three years after, Akuji returns to the city of Osaka alive, after being a prisoner of war after Japan loses to WIME. He's happy to see that his home is still in one piece, but is forced to leave his own household thanks to certain laws after the war has taken place.

Angry at the results of the war, and the fact a corrupt women has all the power in his former gang, Akuji plans a rebellion against the Wakame-Gumi, and later on eventually the rest of the city of Osaka.

His favorite foods are takoyaki and ramen, specifically the ramen that Minka makes for him.

Voice Actors
García Tos, José