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Age: (Possibly) Thousands of years
Classification: Crimson Dragon
Title: (Former) Dragon Lord; Chief of Crimson Dragon
Allies: Lailo Sidgar; Id and company
Powers and Abilities: Super strength, durability, endurance, speed and agility, enhanced senses, flight and levitation, magic, can change to Dragon Form, ki/energy sense and manipulation, elemental manipulation (at least lightning, fire and ice), teleportation, memory reading, energy blast, immortality, her Dragon Form is made of fire.

She is the current Dragon Lord and is considered the most powerful dragon in the world. Her dragon form is that of a crimson fire dragon; she can use a multitude of high level spells such as long distance teleportation. She keeps Sidgar in check when his temper gets the better of him. In her human form she takes the form of a young girl and likes to walk and talk with humans, especially Id when she meets him. Even though she is friendly to all her personality is shown to wise, decisive, and thinks of the bigger picture during situations as during a major battle she intentionally allowed Id to defeat most of them to see his abilities first hand. Only when she was pushed too far by a person who was a fragment of Chaos did she show her fierce instinct for battle.

She idolizes Greydrone whom other dragons have labeled traitorous to God.

She meets Id and Irlina through Lailo when Id seeks Selenia to give her a message from Greydrone, and he also tells her about Lailo destroying the Sphere of Seals and his inaction of assisting Irlina's village. She orders Lailo to go to the village with them in order to resolve the issue. She often acts as an arbitrator for Id and Lailo when they are at odds.

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