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KouRyu (光竜)
Chausseur Super-AI robot, model number GBR-9. Her name means "Light Dragon." Her vehicle mode is a MASER truck, the type of truck often seen fighting Godzilla. Unlike those trucks, KouRyu's MASER is a highly effective weapon. She has a cheerful, bubbly personality that belies her highly advanced processing speed. HyoRyu calls her a tomboy in episode 1 of FINAL. Her primary attack is "Primrose no Tsuki", or "Primrose Moon", which is simply a blast from her shoulder-mounted MASER. KouRyu also possesses an internal Projectile-X in place of the regular chest attack, which is designed to overload a target with G-Stone energy.

Though KouRyu's ability to land properly after aerial deployment is never shown, she has similarly comical difficulty maneuvering in space using an SP Pack, particularly when it comes to stopping.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Tamura, Yukari