Hatsune Otonashi

Hatsune Otonashi

Angel Beats!
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Hatsune Otonashi (音無初音)

Hatsune Otonashi was is diagnosed with an unknown illness and has been bedridden for two years. Within this period, Otonashi (Yuzuru) acts as her guardian, usually visiting her to give her manga to read and to keep her company. Compared to her brother, Hatsune enjoys studying and hanging out with her friends. However, her sickness kept her from going outside. She is also gifted by her brother's love, who despite having a meager income out of part-time jobs still has enough money to bring her comic books which she enjoys reading. Her gestures of gratitude, in turn, reassures him.

Voice Actors
Nakahara, Mai
Boone, Jessica
Blanchet, Margot