Meiya Mitsurugi

Meiya Mitsurugi

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Meiya Mitsurugi (御剣冥夜)
Birthday: December 16

In Muv-Luv Extra Meiya is the sole heiress of Mitsurugi group, one of the biggest and richest corporations on Earth. One day Takeru wakes up to find her in his bed and she declares that they are meant to be together.

She is a firm believer of the Bushido code and having grown up in a sheltered environment puts her into difficult situations from time to time. She has access to unlimited resources and overprotective attendants who try to help her win over Takeru.

In Muv-Luv Unlimited Meiya is one of Takeru's fellow cadets in the trainee squad. Meiya is by far the most talented in melee combat with things such as knives and swords. However, certain questions begin to pop up about her, such as why there is a Type-00R Takemikazuchi sitting in the hangar as a gift to her from the Japanese Shogunate, or why there is a detachment of the Japanese Imperial Royal Guard watching over her.

Despite coming from a very different background than in Extra, and being more worldly and wise as a result, Meiya's core personality remains much the same. Incredibly righteous and noble, she often has conflicting feelings about her duty as a soldier and her duty to the Japanese people.

In Muv-Luv Alternative, Meiya is roughly the same person as she is in Unlimited. However, her personal history and personality are fleshed out and developed further in the altered version of events. She plays a more prominent role in Alternative.

Voice Actors
Okushima, Kazumi