Yaminorius III "Yamino-san"

Yaminorius III

Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruger
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Yaminorius III (ヤミノリウスIII世)
A wizard sent from the Devildom to terrestrial world by Daimaoh.
Yaminorius has very strong power. but he is very very goofy. He puts on a triangle flask full of the liquid which ingredients same as the Devildom's air always entered because he is weak to normal atmosphere of the earth. he is usually a human body frame model in the science room in Aozora elementary school, and takes in equipment of the science room and makes materialization.

He can change to human's Kyouji Yamino(闇野響史), he calls himself a journalist.

Voice Actors
Sogabe, Kazuyuki