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Ghang Gwon Sa (사강권 / 神山ユウ)
Sa Ghang Gwon is a Trace with the ability to manipulate ice. His powers had been with him since his birth, and because he could not control them, Ghang Gwon accidentally attacked his own parents. With no cure or solution to Traces, his parents abandoned him on a street next to an old beggar woman Trace who could conjure fire. He wandered around for an indeterminable amount of time, living his life as a scavenger and losing his emotions. He engaged in battle with his first Trouble, but after realizing he could not defeat it, he encased himself in ice until it disappeared. He passed out in a park, where he was founf by Han Tae Eun. She took him home and asked her father if she could keep him. Afterward Tae Eun called Ghang Gwon her possession. Her family, consisting of only her and her father, adopted him, but Ghang Gwon, fearing that they would abandon him like his parents, hid from them his identity as a Trace. Over the years, he continued to battle Troubles, honing his skills. Whenever he is injured, though, he lets Tae Eun believe that he was bullied by his classmates.

(Source: Wikia)

Note: Kamiyama Yuu (神山ユウ) is the name used in an alternate Japanese version/rewrite.

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