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La Mime

Waga Seishun no Arcadia
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La Mime (ラ・ミーメ)
La Mime is of the Alozaran race in the Algol system, a world which, like Tokarga, was conquered and milked dry by the Illumidas. She is first seen working as a secretary for Prime Minister Triter, the spineless puppet leader of the Illumidas-occupied earth (as seen in My Youth in Arcadia.) She warns Zoll of Tokarga, whom she has fallen in love with, that his planet is set to be destroyed (a job which they had offered to Harlock, and which he flatly refused,) and they form an alliance with Harlock, Emeraldas, and Tochiro, who has built the Arcadia in secret beneath the Illumidas Occupation Force HQ. After Harlock is banished from earth, La Mime remains with him as chief of communications.

La Mime is deathly afraid of the sentient glowing disk the Arcadia encounters in its travels, believing it to be the "Golden Goddess" of Alozaran legend, whose appearance supposedly signals the ends of all things. When it becomes apparent that the way to the mythical planet Arcadia (which Harlock and company are seeking in the SSX series,) is guarded by the golden being, she only very reluctantly agrees that the ship should press on.

La Mimme is not the same character as the Mime that appeared in Space Pirate and Galaxy Express, possessing no psychic abilities, and never said to be alcohol-dependent. A character chart in the My Youth in Arcadia Roman Album lists the two as blood relatives, but frankly, this is clearly bunk; the two are entirely different species, and never once meet. She is also not, as has been misreported, a cyborg, though a cyborg spy does impersonate La Mime in SSX episode nine.


Voice Actors
Yamamoto, Yuriko
Lizárraga, Estívaliz
Perrone, Lidia