Phantom F. Harlock II

Phantom F. Harlock II

Waga Seishun no Arcadia
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Senjou Manga Series
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Phantom F. Harlock II (ファントム・F・ハーロックII世)
Need I point out that this is the son of Phantom F. Harlock? The pilot of a Messerschmitt fighter in the German air force during World War II, he encounters the Japanese optical instruments designer Tochiro Oyama after a crash landing on the Autobahn. As the Allies move ever further into Germany during the final stages of the war, Harlock helps the peace-loving Tochiro to escape to the safety of Switzerland. He passes to Tochiro his own Revi C-12/D optical sight, which he has superstitiously carried with him from plane to plane, referring to it as "my heart and eyes." Lamenting the circumstances of the world at that time, which prevent these two like-minded, honorable men from pursuing their dreams, he turns back from the sanctuary of Switzerland and leads the approaching French partisans away from his friend, knowing that a pirate must always face up to his actions. His fate is unrecorded.


Voice Actors
Inoue, Makio
Broyles, Lanny
Loddi, Loris
Regalado, José María