Gyl "Giru"



Will o' Wisp
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Gyl (ジル)
Hair colour: red
Eyes colour: golden
Mythological reference: Gyl-Burnt-Tail

Jyl is an elemental doll (that is a soul sealed in an artificial body). At the beginning of the story he serves to lady Gloria, a noble beautiful woman who lives in an imaginary world of her own after she found out of her beloved's infidelity. He is mild-mannered and is usually friendly towards people. Gyl believes that granting his master's wishes gives meaning to his existence, that is why he maintains lady Gloria's (whom he prefers to call "princess") illusions though clearly understands morbidity of such lifestyle. Despite his height (he is the tallest of the five) he is often mistaken for a woman because of his delicate features and long fiery-red hair. He likes elegant things and activities like arranging flowers. He is also skilled in battle with his weapon being rapier.

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