Uchuu Kaizoku Captain Herlock
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Probably the most unusual Mazone encountered in the series, Sunora appears to be somewhat non-corporeal; her body is filled with a shifting aurora and she possesses powerful psionic abilities. She is the guardian and sole occupant of the Mazone's North Pole outpost, where Queen Lafresia's fleet is expected to make its initial landing. Sunora has waited endless years for the coming of an enemy, and when Harlock arrives, she is torn between her duty to kill any enemies of the Mazone and the almost instant love for him that her loneliness and solitude give rise to. Mimay is forced to confront Sunora in a psychic duel for Harlock's life, and emerges the victor. Sunora melts away, and begs Harlock not to look upon her in her pitiable state.

Sunora's dress is identical in style to that worn by Queen Lafresia, which may have given rise to the persistent but erroneous rumor that Lafresia falls in love with Harlock, but the two are decidedly separate characters and no connection is ever made between them.


Voice Actors
Han, Keiko