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Yusei Asai (浅井 有生)

Age: 22
Height: 5'10'' 1/2
Blood type: AB
Profession: Artist. Institution for the Research of the Arts (Aoyama Park College of fine Arts, sculpting division, oil painting section)
Hobbies: photography
Likes: meat, noodles, fresh spring rolls from Yanlong's Deli, sour chewing kelp (sukonbu)
Dislikes: vegetables of any kind, sweet things. During his childhood, he never used to have likes or dislikes when it came to food, but after coming in adulthood, he became a picky eater.
Special talent: can sleep anywhere
Favorite colors: Payne's gray, Winsor blue, Crimson Lake (Carmine), Yellow Ochre
Wardrobe: consists only of the clothes on his back: a shirt faded from repeated washings, work pants and canvas sneakers.
Stress relievers: sleeping for ~48 hours straight
Other: He's left-handed; his favorite brand of cigarettes are Lucky Strikes.

A pedant and prideful artist. He's disastrous with his clothes and room and is in need of a model. When his cousin, Yoshioki Inoue, offers Kizuna Etou as his possible model, he accepts, but with the condition that he has to pay her.

He graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Aoyama Park's Modeling Division, Oil Painting Section. His qualifications as a working professional are all but ambiguous, but... he's an "artist alright." He shows no signs of being meticulous in either hygiene or appearance, and the extent of his wardrobe seems limited to shirts and shoes of undeterminable original color.

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