Sanosuke "Sano" Harada

Sanosuke Harada

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Sanosuke Harada (原田 左之助)
Weapon: spear

Sanosuke is a tall man with reddish-brown hair, he has various outfits, though the one he is most seen in is white and red, and he usually has bandages covering his hands and stomach. He has a scar on his stomach as a result of failed attempt to commit seppuku and he has goldish-brown eyes.

Harada is one of the most cheerful of the Shinsengumi, He is usually making jokes with his friend Shinpachi and loves to makes other smile when times are full of sadness and pain. He is very quick to get angry, but also very loyal and friendly. He prefer the spear to the sword. Sanosuke serves Kondo as personal adviser, in fact he always is been informative of everything and is a fencing master.

He has a very proud determination. He also loves to have fun with his buddies, but he has a temper. He's just one of those big spirited people who enjoy living life and loves to make people around him be happy and at ease.

You will always see him hanging around with Shinpachi and Heisuke since they are really good friends, and because of their wild personalities, they were named: 'The comedian trio' by the other members.

Voice Actors
Yusa, Kouji
Guardiola, Illich
Pichon, Yann
Semm, Johannes
Hyde, Phil