Boku "Master of Nonsense, Ii-chan, Defective Product, Nonsense User, Spooky E"


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Boku (ぼく)

The narrator of the Zaregoto Series; people call him by all sorts of nicknames like "Ii-chan," "Ii-kun," and "Ii-tan," but his real name is never revealed.

His birthday is in March, and his birthplace is Kobe. He consistently downplays his own abilities. He goes with the flow and gets carried along by other people, an attitude Maki Himena labels as "agreeing without harmonizing." He has a very bad memory, and often wishes he had at least an average one.

He was quick to anger when young, though his time in Houston seems to have softened him somewhat. He and Tomo share a complex relationship. Both are independent and do not need other people. His feelings toward Tomo appear to be a mix of jealousy and affection.

(Source: Zaregoto Wiki)

Voice Actors
Kaji, Yuuki