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Anglade (アングラード)

Anglade is a beautiful young man. He has long unkempt dark brown hair, his eyes are dark brown and has a tall stature and a thin frame. He's a Marine Biologist who used to work with Jim. Currently, he has left Jim and tries to approach the mystery of the sea with a different view.

Anglade is very smart, which we can see in his extensive knowledge of the sea and outer space, and through other character's discussions of him being a prodigy. He is very talkative, and will often give speeches about his views on the world and his theories about life. While on an island with Sora, he declares himself a 'romantic'. That romanticism often comes through in his musings about the ocean and the universe. He is charming, but very self-centered and he does not work well in team environments. When staying at a research facility one of the workers there notes that she liked him at first because he had a pretty face, but upon getting to know him she began to resent him because he was too arrogant. Sora also tells Ruka that Anglade does not like being told what to do, and won't be put into a defined role. Due to his arrogance and his curiosity he puts himself and others in danger multiple times in the pursuit of knowledge. Anglade is also known to be somewhat apathetic towards other humans and the children of the sea, seeing them as puzzle pieces to a bigger picture. Overall he is presented as a morally grey character as he is not actively trying to cause harm, but often does so unintentionally in his constant pursuit of phenomena.

Voice Actors
Felis, Rubén
Montagne, Brice
Gama, Gabriel
Fabbri, Francesco
Morisaki, Win
Bridgland, Beau