Dr. "Dr. Z" Sonoida

Dr. Sonoida

Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King
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Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King: Yokuryuu Densetsu
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Dinosaur King
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Dr. Sonoida (Dr.ソーノイダ)
The zany, egotistic, and very stupid evil leader of the Alpha Gang. Plans to use the dinosaur cards in his plans to rule the world. He also seems to know the history of these cards, though he was not the creator as the method was created by Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia. He did invent the Move Cards with Dr. Ancient had been dissatisfied with. When Dr. Ancient and Dr. Cretacia wanted to return to the year 2126 to raise a baby Rex, he and Seth jettisoned their pods into the timestream and tried to do the same for baby Rex only for the intervention of Jonathan to prevent that. This accident caused the Alpha Gang to end up in the present day and the dinosaur cards were scattered throughout the Earth. He often sends Ursula, Zander and Ed to obtain dinosaur cards (which were scattered when his time machine exploded) for him while he stays in his lab on Zeta Point researching and experimenting with the dinosaur cards that he already has, unless it is a certain occasion. When his flunkies fail, he always berates them for their incompetence. He sometimes attempts to aid with some of his inventions, but as a running gag his inventions often explode. When he had a bad back from holding up Alpha Metal, he liked Seth's idea of having his grandchildren obtaining the Dinosaur Cards. In the battle against Zanjark, Dr. Z invented the Dino-Tectors so that the dinosaurs of the D-Team and the Alpha Gang can armor up.

Voice Actors
Stuart, Eric
Gotou, Tetsuo
Roca, Jaime
Galbenisz, Tomasz
Villalonga, Fábio