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Fujiwara (藤原)
His real name is, as of volume eight, still unknown. In volume nine, he identifies himself with the name "Fujiwara", although he makes no attempt to hide the fact that this is an assumed name. He mocks the concept of identification through names, considering it completely pointless. Due to his mannerisms and obvious malevolent intent, "Sneering Bastard" was the pseudonym given to him by Kyon. He has an apparent hatred of following scripts (when it comes to time travel scenarios), especially if he already knows the ending. He also dislikes Mikuru Asahina, and, at the end of volume seven, Kyon (though this might be interpreted as a dislike for people who interfere in his plans).

He is a time traveler from (presumably) the same future as Mikuru; however, his group "does not wish for the existence of time travelers, or for the possibility of time travel." He is almost the same height as Kyon and may even be close to his age. He has a tendency - as observed by Kyon - to continuously smirk and otherwise show ugly facial expressions. In book nine, The Dissociation of Suzumiya Haruhi, Kyon considers that his constant ugly smirks remind Kyon of an evil version of Itsuki Koizumi.

First encountered in Volume seven, he has a tense conversation with Kyon and Mikuru, holding an important item. Despite his obvious anger at Mikuru, he returns the item to them, explaining briefly that it was a pre-determined event and that the object in question was also "an important artifact for the future." He also states that he has met Mikuru before several times; however, she has no memory of seeing him in her past. It is possible that she may have met him officially for the first time in some other event yet to be seen (in the novels), or the Adult Mikuru could have met him; as of yet, there is no confirmation of this. He is later seen in volume seven where he again states that the event was pre-determined and that he "merely allowed history to follow its course." He steps inside a van and had disappeared by the time someone opened the door again. This probably means that he has access to similar technology that Mikuru has for traveling in time. He, in tandem with a humanoid interface from the "Canopy Dominion" and a woman involved with an agency rival to Koizumi's, is involved in a matter concerning Kyon's middle school friend, Sasaki.

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