Shingo "Rob Denton" Aoi

Shingo Aoi

Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002
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Captain Tsubasa J
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Captain Tsubasa: World Youth-hen
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Captain Tsubasa: Kaigai Gekitou-hen - En La Liga
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Shingo Aoi (葵 新伍)
Excellent player who debuted in the series in the World Youth saga, previous number 12 of Nakahara FC and later went to train to Italy but previous to that he received three coins from Tsubasa that Aoi keeps as luck charms. He played in FC Inter Milan and became friends with Gino Hernandez, and he developed a grude against Gentile. After two years of training in that team, he was called to go back to the Japanese Youth Team to play against Thailand. He left Inter to go to play for a Serie C1 team, Albese. He's very fast and has excellent techniques, even becoming friends with Tsubasa and Misaki to made a "Golden Trio".

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Morikubo, Shoutarou
Kikuchi, Masami
García, Emilio
Monteiro, Dado
Vivio, Marco
Wirthgen, Jesco