Youichi "Hell's Puppeteer" Takatoo

Youichi Takatoo

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Youichi Takatoo (高遠 遙一)
Kinda'ichi's nemesis, Professor Moriarty to Kindaichi's Holmes. First appeared in "The Magical Express." He is known to be extremely intelligent, considers himself to be the evil twin of Kinda'ichi, and describes their relationship as parallel lines. He is the only son of Reiko Chikamiya, an internationally known magician, who in turn drove Takato to be a magician himself. What he uncovered about the murder of his mother triggered what he is today. A twisted, cold-hearted magician who considers his devilish setups for the perfect crime as masterpieces, and tolerates no mistakes from the people he uses as his puppets.

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Voice Actors
Ono, Kenichi
Gillard, Damien