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Semmerling is the partner of Hick, who had kidnapped Chelsea Grimwood and held her ransom. Looking for a patsy to take the fall for the crime, she (along with Carrie) scouted out Bean Bandit by disguising themselves as bank robbers and contracting the courier as a getaway driver. Thus satisfied, Semmerling then had herself disguised as a man and delivered Chelsea, who was drugged, to Bean's apartment, where she had Bean and Rally Vincent take her back to her home. Afterward, a hit was staged on the apartment, with Semmerling seeming to 'die' as a result of bullet wounds. In truth, none of the bullets fired at the apartment hit her; the 'wounds' being squibs and dye-packs. From then on, Bean and Rally find themselves framed for the kidnapping, and as a result have to fight in order to not only clear their names, but also to get to the real kidnappers as well!

As a driver, Semmerling is about as talented as Bean, and is a good shot. She is also a lesbian, as her affection towards Carrie shows itself.

(Source: Absolute Anime)

Voice Actors
Koyama, Mami
Lewis, Barbara