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Jamanen (ジャーマネン )
A female droid who appeared in episode 65. She was summoned from a wine glass where she remained dormant by Calaveras to inform Rubeus that she was willing to accept the assignment of corrupting the Fancy Fancy Omazinai House, an occult shop located on one of the Crystal Points of the future city of Crystal Tokyo, with Dark Power despite her earlier refusal. When she learned from Berthier that the mission had already been passed on to Petz, their older sister, Calaveras left with the droid and proceeded to aid Petz in her task by incapacitating the Fancy Omazinai House's saleswomen so that the two sisters could take their places. At the shop, Calaveras and Petz sold charms that supposedly granted wishes in order to invoke emotions that would make the bearers of the charms actually oppose the dreams that had prompted them to buy the trinkets in the first place, thus contributing to the corruption of the Crystal Point with Dark Power. When Usagi Tsukino, Minako Aino, Makoto Kino, and ChibiUsa held an in-store discussion on the topic of love, Petz was led to profess the worthlessness of the idea, arousing the suspicion of the four girls. The two sisters were forced to reveal their true selves, and, with the help of Jamanen, attempted to eliminate the girls. However, they were soon distracted by Makoto, who sprayed them with a fire extinguisher so that ChibiUsa and Usagi had the opportunity to escape. It also gave Minako and Makoto the chance to transform into Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter. During the ensuing battle, the droid managed to incapacitate her adversaries by changing to a liquid state and trapping them in a sticky pink gelatinous substance. When Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars arrived on the scene, she managed to incapacitate them in the same manner. The droid was eventually destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Princess Halation. Jamanen is made up entirely of a pink semi-solid gelatinous substance. Her eyes are green.

(Source: The Oracle :: BSSM Encyclopaedia)

Voice Actors
Kobayashi, Yuko
Agudo, Pepa