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Homare Kuba (久芳 誉)
Age: 25
Birthday: February 12th
Horoscope: Aquarius
Blood type: AB
Height: 184.4cm
Weight: 74kg
Shoe size: 27cm
Family members: Father and Mother. Others are secret.
Occupation: Work in a financial firm.
Personality: Pride is a powerful craft. Hates bowing to people.
Hobby: Cars
Special Ability: Normal permit. Truck license. Stealing cars.
Highest Education Completed: University

The twenty-five year-old twins who work for Kanou. Homare is the elder and displays more feeling and emotions compared to his younger brother.

Homare has shown to be violently attracted to Ayase (he almost kissed him on one occasion) but he never voices his true feelings ought of fear of Kanou's retaliation on him and Ayase, and ought of loyalty to his boss. However, Homare may openly take Ayase's defense and has already encouraged him to be more assertive in front of Kanou.

There is currently no way to differentiate Homare from Misao physically.

According to the released artbook, Homare tends to like anything to do with cars. The book also mentions Homare owning a 32 Skyline GT-R which costs around 5.9 million.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Tsujitani, Kouji
Helm, Gunnar