Kaname "Kana" Asagiri

Kaname Asagiri

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Ookamikakushi: Keshimurasaki no Shou
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Ookamikakushi: Kokihi no Shou
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Kaname Asagiri (朝霧かなめ)
Born: 28th May, 1967
Age: 16
Height: 163cm, weight: 45kg
B:88 W:54 H:86

Kaname moved to Jougamachi with her family a few months before Hiroshi, and is Isuzu's best friend. Because she's a year older than the two, she tends to be the voice of the reason of the group. Kaname has somewhat of a dark personality, and doesn't hesitate to tease or trick her two friends.
Very observative, and able to sense other people's thoughts. Great fan of mystery and detective stories.

(source: game profile)

Voice Actors
Fuchigami, Mai
Yeo, Min Jeong