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Minatsu Shiina (椎名 深夏)

Age: 16
Birthday: 6th September
Class: 2nd year
Council Position: Vice President
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Hobbies: Sports

Minatsu is a bold character and Student Council Vice-president. A tomboy with impressive athletic skills, and is surprisingly also good in math, which Ken considers to be uncharacteristic of her. She's popular among girls. She's in the same class with Ken but she's an orthodox tsundere without any 'dere' (short for dere-dere (でれでれ?)) to be found. She also has a little sister, Mafuyu. She's very protective of Mafuyu and despises anyone who tries to hurt her. She is into a lot of Shōnen manga as most of her suggestions tend to be based on typical Shōnen manga plots. Minatsu and Ken met in the summer. Because of how she was, he looked up to her and to be like her. Their meeting taught him not to be lazy and work if he desires something. Like the season she represents, she's fired up and is always ready to take action, especially when it has something to do with anime or manga.

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Voice Actors
Togashi, Misuzu