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Sakiko (サキコ )
Sakiko is a young girl who appears only in the anime, in episode 020. She lives with her father at Inaka-hama in Pension Adams, a large European-style hotel on the beach. Inaka-hama is popular tourist destination, but Usagi, Ami, Rei, and Luna visit the beach for extra training as Senshi. Rei booked rooms for them at Pension Adams. A thunderstorm strikes as the girls make their way to the hotel, and they eventually become lost. Luckily, young Sakiko finds them in the forest and leads them to Pension Adams. The three employees who work there are dressed in monster costumes so that they look like a ghost, a werewolf, and Frankenstein. The hotel is well-known for the costumes of the employees, but Usagi and Luna nonetheless find everything very creepy. As Sakiko introduces the guests to the employees, her father angrily calls her away. Several scary things begin happening, including a spirit that terrifies the Senshi at dinner. Rei knows that it is not truly a spirit, but there is an enormous amount of energy coming from somewhere within the house.

Sakiko is a very lonely young girl. While the girls stay at the hotel, Sakiko watches them as often as she can. Eventually, Ami talks to her about her loneliness and says, "Cheer up! You remind me of how I was not so long ago because you're all by yourself. I know! The best thing to do is to become friends with Usagi. She'll cheer you right up." Unfortunately, Sakiko's father witnesses this confrontation and forcefully leads the young girl away, scolding her for talking to strangers. He warns Ami, "You girls should get out of here quickly. That is, if you don't want to be in more frightening situations." Later, Ami learns that Sakiko's father has been hypnotizing Sakiko in order to harness her powerful psychic powers. Many people were skeptical of the girl, so although she herself does not want to, he attempts to strengthen her power. At this point, she is able to conjure up the poltergeist-like spirit that had been terrorizing the guests at dinner.

Ami interrupts the hypnosis session between Sakiko and her father, and Sakiko wakes up. Unfortunately, the spirit does not disappear, and it is now uncontrollable. It begins to attack Sakiko's father. Sakiko rushes to her father's aid, and he tells her to run. He says, "I am sorry. I knew you just wanted to live like a normal girl, but I..." she cuts him off by hugging him. The ghost rushes towards the two, and Sakiko blasts it with a huge burst of energy. Finally, the ghost disappears. Sakiko's father says, "I just wanted everyone to acknowledge that Sakiko possessed truly strong powers and though I knew that she hated her powers, I continued training her. I used the guests who happened to come to this hotel to conduct experiments." The next day, the three girls go to the beach with Sakiko and play ball in the sand. Sakiko's father looks on, and the hotel employees ask if there will ever be any more ghosts... they are scaredy-cats who can't deal with the apparitions! He smiles and says that they won't have to deal with it again... ever.

Voice Actors
Fuchizaki, Yuriko
Fitzgerald, Erin
Bar shalom, Maya