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Age (エイジ)

Age has the body of a teenage boy, but might actually be 120 years old. Age lived on the ruined planet, Oron, a world that was once verdant and peaceful, but later suffered from a cosmic cataclysm. Wild by nature, he is nevertheless extremely good-natured. Having grown up on a deserted planet, he can easily fend for himself and often hunts, whilst playing with his prey, though he does apologize to them after and even thanks them for allowing him to eat them. He is shown to have extraordinary strength and speed, even breaking the outer shell of the Argonaut with his bare hands. He can also survive in outer space without the need for air and without being affected by pressure. Since he was taught by the Golden Tribe, Age has a limited knowledge about human society, not even knowing the meaning of "numbers," simple words, or common phrases (The Golden Tribe apparently had no use for numbers and such).

He lived in an old, abandoned ship, whose mainframe A.I. was referred to as "Mother" by Age. Though the ship's A.I. did not understand most of what he said, Age truly believed it to be his mom and genuinely cared for it. When the Bronze Tribe attacked Oron, subsequently destroying Age's ship, he became enraged, summoned the Nodos, Bellcross, and destroyed the Bronze's entire fleet.

Due to his wild nature, many of the crew members on the Argonaut have called him a monkey.

Bellcross: The "essence" of a Nodos, which is stored in a stone that is wrapped around the optical nerve of Age's right eye. Bellcross is considered to be the strongest of the remaining Hero Tribe. It is shown to have the ability to absorb its enemies' lifeforce and release it as a destructive energy blast.

He refers to the Golden Tribe as "Dad and the others," and often tells people about future events the Golden Tribe told him about, decades before they actually happened. Whenever he asks for something, he says the word very slowly, since the ones who taught him the word said it the same way in order to teach him how to pronounce it correctly, so Age believes that is how it must always be said. Age almost always has a smile on his face and never gets angry at anyone, often saying how much he loves everyone on the Argonaut.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Yazaki, Hiroshi
Tatum, J. Michael