Raichi "Spark" Li

Raichi Li

Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi OVA
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Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
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Raichi Li (李 雷薙)
First appearance: Battle 157
Age: 17
Type: Dou
Type: Satsujin Ken
Martial Arts: Chinese Kenpo (Zuì Quán)

Li Raichi is the daughter of Li Tenmon and a practitioner of the Drunken Fist of the Eight Immortals. Raichi is a young short girl with long bright pink hair down to her waist that she has tied up in two pigtails and green eyes. She wears a tight red battle outfit when she fought Kenichi when she's labeled as Spark that has shoulder blades and knee-pads giving her a type of skater appearance and has gloves. For casual wear to look more normal, she's has been seen in a light yellow top and a green miniskirt and sandals.

When she first met Kenichi, she showed to be a kind and cheerful person and a bit playful. Like Kenichi, Raichi loves flowers and was interested on how Kenichi new so much about it. In battle, Raichi was originally very aggressive and brutal in combat, showing no mercy to Kisara or the other member of Shinpaku Alliance. She was also quiet, rarely speaking unless she chose to. She can also be taunting, making fun of Kisara for having small breasts by groping her own.

She is also insulted that Kenichi wouldn't hurt her due to her being a girl, stating it shouldn't matter in a fight. However, unlike her father, she doesn't desire to kill others and only wants to end things peacefully and only knock out her enemies. When Kenichi tried to end things peacefully due to him seeing how kind she is deep down from their time from before, Raichi, moved by his compassion, sheds tears of sadness over her situation of having to kill him and choose to give up revealing that deep down she doesn't want to kill others and is forced to thanks to Yomi.

After her fight with Kenichi, Raichi has become much nicer and friendly and more helpful such as helping Kenichi and Miu take out the bomb on the ship where Diego Carlo was fighting. Also, she seems to have developed a crush on Kenichi, such as blushing around him and grabbing his arm after the fight, causing Miu to get jealous.

Having been trained in Chinese Kenpo for a long time, Raichi is a very strong opponent for her age. So much that she was able to easily overwhelm the Shinpaku main members such as Kisara, Ukita and even Siegfried with ease (albeit he held his own until he was distracted by her sparks). Even against Kenichi she was able to put up a good fight and give him a hard time (though this was due to his refusal to hurt women). Due to her size, she's very agile and able to outmaneuver her enemies with ease.

Voice Actors
Nomizu, Iori