Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden
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Born under the star Wall (壁), is a Genbu Celestial Warrior who appears as a small doll made of rock that resembles the kodama. He is capable of manipulating earth and rock as a Celestial Warrior and proves to be extremely resourceful, using his power to change into a horse for transportation, a replacement for Takiko's naginata and a small shelter for Takiko to ride out her wait for Hagas. Though he is apparently unable to speak, Takiko eventually is able to hear his voice and Namame speaks in simple and short sentences. It is unknown if his voice is capable of reaching the other Celestial Warriors, nevertheless, he is on good terms with all of them and is usually carried around by Hatsui or Hikitsu.

Namame was born from the Seimei stone (Star-Life Stone) near Iferui. When Takiko and her friends find him, he is a stone giant protecting the oracle Anlu, who sat in his mouth. After being traumatized by human cruelty when he attempted to fit in, Namame found it hard to trust others; it took Anlu a whole day of sitting right next to him to earn his trust. Despite the difficulty for a being of rock to have any concrete personality, Namame is very perceptive of the feelings of others. Like a child, he is very sensitive to the treatment of others and quick to lose his temper should something upset him. The death of his first friend, the Oracle Anru, triggered such a violent outburst that his giant rock form had to be completely destroyed by Hagas just to get him to calm down. Though unable to cry physically, he does later mourn the death of Anruu taking Takiko's tears as his own as they drip onto his head.

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