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Hotaru Imai (今井 蛍)

Age: 10
Birthday: October 25
Height: 139 cm
Weight: 30 kg
Alice: Invention
Alice stone color: purple

Hotaru is an extremely intelligent and rational girl. She is considered to be a geek and more than a little strange because of her aloofness. Like Natsume, she is usually poker-faced, but possesses some humor in her. She may treat Mikan unkindly most of the time, but it is apparent that she deeply cares for her. Somehow, she likes to bully people she likes.

Hotaru is Mikan's best friend and the main reason why Mikan came to the academy. She and Mikan have what may seem to be a doubtful and strange relationship. Hotaru comes off as cold, quiet, geeky, and bad-mouthed but calm. Her "stupid" points are her tendency of being a "pig" when it comes to food and her greedy side, this happens in a comical manner. Her Alice is Invention, which allows her to create unique and strange inventions.

She belongs to the Technical Class. She is currently a Triple Star.

Her name "蛍 - Hotaru" means "Firefly."

Voice Actors
Kugimiya, Rie
Ciampa, Letizia
Thompson, Claudia
Yeo, Min Jeong
Vandroux, Sandra