Nemu Asakura

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Nemu Asakura (朝倉音夢)

Birthday: December 28
Height: 155cm
Weight: 37kg
Blood Type: O
Three Sizes: 79/53/82

Nemu is Jun'ichi's adopted sister. She is actually in love with Jun'ichi and becomes mad when any other girl shows affection toward him and uses "accidental" violence to stop the affection between him and another person. She wears a bell as an accessory, given to her by Jun'ichi when they were young. When her mood turns sour, she becomes excessively polite and antisocial, a condition that Jun'ichi calls "hidden Nemu." Her cooking is described as lethal, to the point that Jun'ichi quietly calls her the "Murderous Chef."

Voice Actors
Nogawa, Sakura