Kagaho "Celestial Violent Star, Tenbousei Benuu no Kagaho" Bennu

Kagaho Bennu

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Meiou Shinwa
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Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas - Meiou Shinwa
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Kagaho Bennu (天暴星ベヌウの輝火)

Celestial Violent Star, Bennu Kagaho is one of the newly introduced Specters of Hades. Kagaho shows loneliness, sadism and rage in battle and determination. He also has a memory of a lost younger brother and seems to have a rivalry with Libra Dohko.

Kagaho is one of the most powerful Specters and also known as the fastest one, being able to fight against Gold Saints at the same level. His ability allows him to create black flames with his Cosmo. His ability with black flames are further seen with Corona Blast (コロナブラスト Korona Burasuto?) in which Kagaho creates an enormous sphere of black fire similar to a star, then shoots it to his opponent. Kagaho is also seen using this techniques consecutively. His Crucify Ankh (クラシファイアンク Kurashifai Anku?) allows Kagaho to shoot many black fire stakes that enter into the body of the opponent and start burning him from inside. Then the black fire binds the opponent until the body is destroyed.

In his fight against Taurus Hasgard, Kagaho is overpowered but Hasgard spares him saying that he didn't sense true evil in him. The fight also left him with his damaged surplice, as he only one wing remained. After the fight Kagaho seems to became more calm and even started to respect Hasgard. He was last seen after the demise of Taurus and have a brief encounter with Pegasus Tenma.

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Voice Actors
Fukuyama, Jun
Albiac, Daniel
Dodge, Lucien
Vázquez, Carlo
Boulad, Luc
Bressan, Mattia
Leite, Roberto
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