Kobushi "Gouriki Banchou" Shirayukinomiya

Kobushi Shirayukinomiya


Kongou Banchou
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Kobushi Shirayukinomiya (白雪宮 拳 / 剛力番長)
She is the Gouriki (Herculean Strength) Banchou. She appears to be a sweet young tomboyish looking girl and attends St. Veronica Academy she comes from a very rich family, despite her petite size she can eat an entire Chanko Nabe by herself this is due to her body's Hyperion Constitution (a rare medical condition that makes her muscle a dozen times denser, more flexible and her organs can keep up with it, with the drawback being a super increased metabolism). She fancies herself a warrior of justice and went around destroying areas of her district that she considered evil or that were used be those who are evil (she destroyed and entire street since a biker gang used it ferquently which was disrupting the piece). She tried to destroy a chemical plant since it was polluting the air without thinking about the hazardous chemicals she could release onto the surrounding area. Akira stopped her an also during they fight showed her that she was acting without any forethought, when defeated she says she's not fit to be a banchou Akira disagreed and called her a splendid banchou since she was willing to risk her life for her underline. She later returns part of the group of banchos that support Akira.

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