Jan Kugo

SF Saiyuuki Starzinger
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SF Saiyuuki Starzinger (Movie)
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Jan Kugo ((ジャン・クーゴ ?))

He is the most powerful cyborg in the galaxy and is chosen to protect the Princess on her mission.

His superhuman physical abilities in combination with his violent impulses and distain for authority make him very difficult to control. Soon after he received his cybernetic enhancements he became bored and seeked new things to amuse him.

With his all mighty Astrobat he wreaked havok and destruction across the galaxy. Because of this, Dr. Kitty / the Emperess had him imprisoned in an impenitrable dome on the moon.

There he remained until he was later freed by Princess Aurora to join her on her mission to the Great King Planet / Dekos star system.

Voice Actors
Ishimaru, Hiroya
Chapellier, Guy
Barrero, Jesús
Maniscalco, Gioacchino