Dietrich "Marionettenspieler" von Lohengrin

Dietrich von Lohengrin

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Dietrich von Lohengrin

Born: 3042 AD in Germanicus (modern Germany)
Age: 21
Ranking: 8=3 "Magister, Order of the Magi"
Power: Wires that seal and control a victim's action and perception; He is also an expert on "Lost Technology", which is very rare in Trinity Blood universe.
Codename: Marionettenspieler (German for "Puppeteer")
Other name: Dean Butler (fake name used to disguise him as Isaak's brother)

Also known as the Puppet Master, he has the ability to control bodies of both human beings and vampires alike, even if the person has already died. Unlike most members of his order, he is a Terran (human), and believes that his involvement with the Rosenkreuz Orden has a great purpose for the world.

To him, trust, love, friendship and loyalty do not exist, and he therefore goes on without these, alone. He sees people as his toys. He is intrigued by Esther and Abel because they are complete opposites of him. It's not unusual for a devil to pose as the bringer of light.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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