Hugue "Sword Dancer" Watteau

Hugue Watteau

Trinity Blood
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Trinity Blood
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Trinity Blood: Rage Against the Moons
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Hugue Watteau

Wielding a blade-staff as his weapon, Hugue can easily match an average vampire in a fight. He has artificial limbs that enhance his speed and strength. Hugue was a son of a noble family before he joined the AX. His entire family was mysteriously murdered and he has been trying to track down the culprit to seek vengeance. He has a sister who escaped the slaughter but she is currently missing, presumably taken away by the murderer. He is shown to be a very independent person, and often leaves AX on a whim in order to track down vampires. (from Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Kitade, Shinya
Burgmeier, John
Posta, Victor
Calindri, Gabriele
Monteiro, Dado
Portuguese (BR)