Karin "Suzuka" Hanazono

Karin Hanazono

Kamichama Karin
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Kamichama Karin
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Kamichama Karin Chu
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Dokidoki! Tama-tan
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Karin Hanazono (花園花鈴)

Karin is the protagonist of the series. Her name literally means "The Flower Bell of the Flower Garden," with the "Flower Garden" as her family name and "Flower Bell" as her first name. Karin used to live with her aunt because her parents died a long time ago, but she moved in with Kazune and Himeka after they found out about her goddess powers. She is an outgoing person, and sticks up for her friends. She doesn't do so well in school and finds out she and Kazune are married. The ring Karin originally thought was her mother's ring allows her to borrow godly power. Her ring is pink and has the power of the goddess Athena (Aphrodite in Chu).

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Nakahara, Mai
Liberatori, Perla
Lee, Ji Yeong

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