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Chu Xu

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Chu Xu (許褚)
Japanese name: Kyo Cho. Chinese name: Xu Chu. Xu Chu was a warrior living in the late Eastern Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms era of China. He served as a bodyguard to the powerful warlord, Cao Cao. Gigantic and strong, yet simple-minded and honest, Xu Chu was referred to as "Tiger Fool" by his fellow men. He continued to serve under Cao Cao's successors, Cao Pi and Cao Rui, until his own death, upon which he was given the posthumous title of Marquis Zhuang, literally meaning the robust marquis. Cao Cao meets him by chance while fighting bandits in the countryside who stole the bell of the temple that Xu Chu was a servant at.


Voice Actors
Sakurai, Toshiharu