Suyong "Su-Yeong" Hong

Suyong Hong

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Suyong Hong (洪 秀英)
Name in Hangul: 홍 수영

A Korean Go professional, 2 years younger than Hikaru. He was 12 when he first appeared in the manga. During the month before the pro exam, Hikaru, Waya and Isumi traveled to go salons to sharpen their skills, and in one of them they met Suyong, whose uncle runs a go salon, while Suyong was on vacation from Korea. At the time, Suyong was a first-rate Kenkyuusei (the Korean equivalent of an insei), but was disillusioned with his recent consecutive losses and subsequent drops in rank. Heated words between him and Hikaru led to the two playing an incredible match at the Go salon. Although Suyong lost, the game has a cathartic effect on him, and as he carved Hikaru's name into his mind, Suyong swore to become a pro and play Hikaru again. As a pro, Suyong's name soon emerges as one of Korea's most prominent young talents after he defeats a 9-dan player. He also befriends Ko Yeong-ha, Korea's no.1 young pro, and frequents his place.

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Voice Actors
Itou, Miyako