Iba "Hawk Eyes" Sutra

Iba Sutra

Shadow Skill: Eigi
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Iba Sutra
The 55th Sevaar, he is a master of Open Skill, and the twin brother of Jin Stolla, the leader of Septia troupe Phantom. He was once defeated in personal combat by Vy Low, which enabled Scarface to become the second High-Sevaar after Hawk Eyes, and was also the subject of an assassination attempt by G (Kain Phalanx), the rogue 57th Sevaar, who Scarface killed in defense of the king's honor. He is the mentor of Scrib Lohengrin and guardian of his grand-niece Kyuo Luo, whom he took under his wing after her grandfather was killed when the monster kwown as the Moon King massacred the rest of their group of demon-beast-hunters.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Satou, Masaharu
Jungwirth, Christian