Kai "Crimson, Raza Reme Silver Sword" Shink

Kai Shink

Shadow Skill: Eigi
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Kai Shink (カイ・シンク)
The 56th Sevaar, he is a master bladesman, wealthy businessman, and high-ranking officer of the Kurodan government. In addition to his status as a Sevaar, he is also a Raza Reme ( the only sevaar ever to do so), a master of the divine power of Souma, and is the magical representative of his home country of Kuroda at the Holy City of Juliannes. He worked with Darkness to resurrect Black Wing, recipient of Ashliana's highest honor, after Dias Ragu died in a duel in which he defeated Darkness. Despite being the closest associate of his successor Scarface, he was responsible for giving him his famous scar when they fought in a duel before Vy Low became the 57th Sevalle.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Koyasu, Takehito
Patton, Chris