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Luchist Lasso

Shaman King
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Luchist Lasso (ラキスト・ラッソ)
Birthdate: June 1, 1949
Origin: Sicily, Italy

As founder and former leader of the X-laws, Luchist by far one of the more powerful shamans working under Hao. Luchist acts as the main rival to Marco. Apparently, the two were close friends in their former lives, as both were car dealers in the past. However, when Hao intervened, the comrades' lives would be forever changed. In the anime, this relationship isn't mentioned. In the manga, following the deaths of X-III, he follows Yoh to the X-laws' base, where he was intending to regain entry into the Shaman Fight (which he relinquished as a condition of reviving Ren). As Yoh fights Marco and X-II, Luchist intervened on Hao's behalf and easily defeated X-II before engaging Marco in battle. As he overpowers Marco, Lyserg and Yoh (with the help from Jeanne) intervene and manage to destroy his Oversoul, causing him to faint. His last appearance is at the Mu continent, where he blocked Yoh and the others from entering the plants. While the battle is not shown, he and Marco were both killed during the course of the fight, confirmed by Lyserg making mention of reviving him in the next chapter.

Luchist's Spirit
Lucifer the "fallen angel." Like all Archangels, it can shatter souls, and is apparently able to move at undetectable speeds. It also seems to require a lot of Furyoku, as he fainted when Lyserg destroyed the Oversoul once.

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Voice Actors
Konishi, Katsuyuki
Papp, Dániel