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07-Ghost Children
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Kuroyuri (クロユリ)
Gender: Unknown
Birthday: 25th of September
Age: Presumably between the ages of 8 and 10
Height: 149cm
Weight: 37kg
Blood type: O
Meaning of name: Black-lily

The youngest of Ayanami's subordinates. Usually seen with their Begleiter, Haruse.

Kuroyuri's gender is actually a point of contention in the manga. In one omake panel, Konatsu asks for an answer. To this Kuroyuri replies 'It's a secret'. When Hyuuga presses them for an answer Kuroyuri snaps: 'do you want to die?'

Kuroyuri has a strong belief that those who break the law need to be punished severely, and has a cat like habit of toying with their enemies similar to how a child plays with dolls. Kuroyuri also exhibits a steely determination and ruthlessness when doing something, and does not give up easily- adopting this trait after surviving from an incident in their childhood and becoming a person 'who refuses to die'. However like any other young child, Kuroyuri needs more hours of sleep than their older team mates, so is often found sleeping in the arms of Haruse. Kuroyuri is also a very heavy sleeper, and doesn't wake up when the people around are shouting- or fighting at each other.

Despite Kuroyuri's formidable fighting ability, they are still a small child and as a result is easily upset when things do not go their way. Kuroyuri is very possessive of those they like and is easily upset when their friends are injured.

Kuroyuri is fanatical about Ayanami, will do anything to protect him, and holds a great level of respect towards him. Kuroyuri was very upset, even offended, when they saw Frau using Ayanami's scythe. Ayanami is something of a parental figure to Kuroyuri, and comforts them when they cry. When Ayanami became injured, Kuroyuri was worried about him and was delighted to see him well again.


- Kuroyuri has no sense of taste, losing it when they were poisoned.
- Kuroyuri has said that they have fallen in love with someone, but they don't have the courage to confess (first drama CD).
- Kuroyuri hates waking up early in the morning (second drama CD).

Voice Actors
Saito, Chiwa
Hyeon, Gyeng Su