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Makoto Kousaka (高坂 真琴)

Blood Type: B
Birthday: February 2, 1984
Age: 18-22
Favorite Manga: The Mysterious Adventures of DaDa
Favorite Anime: pretty much anything
Favorite Game: Full Armor, Street Master 2, Draculina Hunter
Pen Name: Toshizo (トシゾー, Toshizō?)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Ringtone: Hana no ko Lunlun

Unusually handsome and cute, Kousaka is actually one of the most hardcore otaku in Genshiken. He loves hentai games and is undefeatable when it comes to video games, particularly the fighting genre. As Saki's boyfriend, Kousaka is largely responsible for Saki learning to be patient when it comes to dating an otaku. Kousaka can be considered the exception to the rules of stereotypical otaku, as he is able to juggle fashion with an otaku lifestyle, though after getting a job programming for a porn game company, even Kousaka cannot completely keep up with such a hectic schedule.

Kousaka is easy-going and never loses his temper, a trait portrayed by the constant smile on his face. However, he can be rather forceful when the need arises, particularly when it comes to keeping Saki from avoiding her promises.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Saiga, Mitsuki
Oohara, Momoko
Schulz, Sebastian
Marlo, Kenneth Robert
Hong, Beom Gi
Caillebot, Rémi
Lladó, Carlos