Ganbare Douki-chan
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Ganbare Douki-chan: Kakusa Shakai ni Nayamu Kaisha no Douki
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Ganbare Douki-chan
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Douki to Tawawa
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Douki-chan (同期ちゃん)

Douki-chan has a crush on her co-worker, Douki-kun. She constantly feels as though she is competing for his affections with the other girls. Despite not being able to confess properly, she keeps at it the best she can!

Though she is the lead character, she is only refereed to as "Douki-chan" which means "equal." This name mirrors her male love interest, as they were hired at the same time for their office job, making them equals instead of kouhai or senpai.

Voice Actors
Hieda, Nene

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