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Quattro (クアットロ)
Quattro comes after Uno, Due, Tre and Cinque regarding the length of her period on active status. In spite of the fact that she was originally created as an intelligence processing-type to support Uno, Quattro was eventually upgraded with illusionary and ECM capacities at some point during her ten years of service to boost her potential as a rear commander. She possesses great evasion skills thanks to being flight-capable and her Inherent Equipment, Silver Cape, provide her with stealth and anti-magic defensive measures.

Intelligent and highly capable of independent thinking, she uses whatever means she believes necessary to achieve her goals. Still, she has a somewhat playful attitude towards her job that makes her personality similar to Scaglietti's. She always puts an act when near her sisters, always controlling her own words and actions, as she apparently has a side that she doesn't wish them to see. Quattro differs a lot from her sisters when it comes to her own personal opinions, especially those regarding Lutecia. Overall, Quattro is extremely similar to Scaglietti, especially when she stops hiding her true personality near the end of StrikerS.


Voice Actors
Saito, Chiwa