Ling Wang

Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo
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Ling Wang

Age: 16
Height: 180cm

Wang Ling is a non-talkative individual who‘s obsessed with being average and not standing out. He tries to avoid troublesome matters yet he still manages to get involved and has also secretly saved the world on numerous accounts. He also lives for and loves his crispy noodles.

Wang Ling is stronger than Wukong with his extremely high levels of power. That is also why he is called the King in Lurking.

He has Dead Fish eyes and his trademark has always been an ellipsis; ex: Wang Ling "..."

Father Wang had a pair of very beautiful phoenix eyes. Since he had taken to wearing glasses after he started writing, this characteristic wasn’t so obvious… But this was the reason why Father Wang once suspected that Wang Ling wasn’t his flesh and blood. Mother Wang had very beautiful double eyelids and big eyes! And Father Wang had phoenix eyes… But how did the two of them end up having a son with dead fish eyes? Later, Father Wang convinced himself…His son Wang Ling… Must have mutated in the womb…

(Source: The Daily Life of the Immortal King Wiki)

Voice Actors
Gallardo, Ethan
Glass, Rachel
Lulu, Sun