Jeffrey Wilder

Jeffrey Wilder

Macross F
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Macross F Movie 1: Itsuwari no Utahime
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Jeffrey Wilder (ジェフリー・ワイルダー)
Captain of SMS Macross Quarter. A colonel in the S.M.S. ranks, he used to be a pilot in an U.N. Forces aircraft carrier early on his career. A seasoned veteran, he has a beard and a horizontal scar across his face as proof of his previous combat experience. Though a very polite officer, he can become highly mischievous when the situation requires it. It is mentioned that he lost his wife some time ago. When he receives an order from Richard Bilrer that the S.M.S. would be disbanded and then reincorporated into the N.U.N.S. (just as he learned the truth regarding President Glass' death from Cathy and Ozma) Wilder declares that the S.M.S. are now pirates instead of soldiers and successfully convinces the other S.M.S. members (excluding Clan, Nene, Alto and Luca among some others) to join them. He then commands the Macross Quarter to detach itself from the Frontier and go into a fold jump. After he and his crew investigated the truth behind the Vajra attacks by reviewing the evidence from the wrecks of the 117th fleet, he realizes that Grace O'Connor plans to force humanity into becoming like the Vajra living in a linked mind network with O'Connor as its Queen. Now with knowledge of the truth behind the conflict Wilder filed a report to the government on Earth and took his ship to the Vajra home planet to help stop the conflict between humanity and the aliens. He also asks Monica Lange if she will stand with him when they go to confront Leon and the Vajra, showing that he knew her feelings for him and that he shared them too. Captain Wilder brings Macross Quarter back to the Vajra homeworld and presents evidence of Leon's involvement in the assassination of President Glass and his working with the true enemy, the co-conspirators from Macross Galaxy fleet. He and his crew are victorious in defending Battle Frontier. Both his ship and Battle Frontier confront Macross Galaxy's flagship, Battle Galaxy and destroy it. He is later seen on the surface of the Vajra planet with the rest of the bridge crew and with Monica at his side.

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